Membership Policies

The PEI Potters Studio is a co-operative not for profit organization. Membership entitles one to have access to the studio, use of equipment and supplies, and ability to attend any workshops organized by the studio. Members are also entitled to discounts of clay purchase, workshop fees, and other products of the studio.

Details of membership can be found in Article 4 of the Bylaws.

As a member you have the following privileges:
1. You can use the studio anytime except when classes are in progress. (Usually Monday, Tuesday, Thursday night and Saturday morning.)
2. You can have a small personal storage space (eg. milk carton crate) in the basement. The container should be marked with your name and year the membership was purchased.
3. You may purchase new clay at discounted price or reclaimed clay
4. You may place an order for personal supplies(eg. trimming tools, special glazes) through the studio by contacting the Procurement officer and reimbursing the studio for the cost of the items at time of delivery.
5. You are able to use any supplies and equipment in the studio provided you clean and return them to their proper space.
6. You can receive a discount on any workshops organized by the studio.
7. You can attend any” in house” workshops/programs provided by the studio
8. You have access to the fridge to store food items on a short term basis.
9. If necessary, members are allowed to bring their service dog.
10. Members may bring in a non-studio guest on a one time basis after agreement from the executive ahead of time. No child under 9 years is allowed. A one time fee is required.
11. Production pottery is not allowed. Members are limited to producing no more than 20 pieces per person per month. (Refer to policy on production pottery)
12.Members may attend annual general meetings and be allowed to vote.

As a member you have the following duties:

1. You must commit to volunteering with one of the committees(eg. Glaze, kiln, reclaim, cleaning, education, communications)
2. You must be familiar with the Studio organizational chart, so you know who to contact for information or assistance.
3. You must clean up after yourself and return cleaned tools etc. to their proper area. You can feel free to tidy any areas you notice are in need of cleaning.
4. You must store your personal items and clay in your storage bin in the basement or take them home.
5. You must respect other member’s pottery. Try not to touch or move pieces not belonging to you. If you unwrap plastic to look underneath to find your piece, you must re-wrap it.
6. You must try to finish your projects in a reasonable period of time. Pieces left on the shelves or in the basement that are bone dry or untrimmed will be assumed to be abandoned and during cleanup will be either reclaimed or donated to the next annual pottery sale.
7. You must put your name on a piece of paper under your project, or marked on the bottom of your piece.
8. You must take your finished pieces home in a reasonable time. Non- recognized pieces, pieces covered in dust, will be considered abandoned and will be donated to the annual sale.
9. You must remove any storage bins and personal belongings when your membership lapses.
10. You must check bulletin boards and website etc. for notices and studio updates.